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AFEX 2024: A Global Success in Business Collaboration
In the closing moments of AFEX 2024, the global business stage witnessed the forging of crucial partnerships that are set to redefine international business dynamics. The expo floor, animated by 60 diverse companies, and an exclusive B2B area hosting 23 additional companies, offered a vibrant showcase of corporate excellence. AFEX 2024 emerged as a dynamic platform for forming strategic partnerships and encouraging global cooperation.
Notable figures, including CEOs from leading companies and representatives across sectors, played a pivotal role in enriching discussions. The event welcomed esteemed individuals such as the Guinea Trade Minister, Gambia's Minister of Trade and Industry, Ethiopian Ambassador, Cüneyt Yuksel (Chairman of the Justice Committee of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey), and H.E Saeed R Saqer AlMheir (Consul General of the U.A.E. Consulate). Their active participation not only characterized AFEX as a hub for high-level engagement but also brought depth to the conversations.
One of the noteworthy highlights was the active participation of the sponsor, BEAM, a company that joined AFEX. BEAM not only added vibrancy to the event but also demonstrated its commitment by signing crucial business agreements during the summit.
Throughout the event, AFEX demonstrated its effectiveness as more than just a talking platform, evolving into a dynamic space where verbal commitments turned into concrete agreements. This shift underscores AFEX's pivotal role in facilitating global business collaboration. The successes witnessed highlight the event's ascendancy as a global hub for catalyzing international partnerships. AFEX continues to position itself as a key driver propelling global collaboration


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