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Countdown to AFEX 2024 begins!

Greetings! I am delighted to announce that “AFEX 2024 Global Franchise and Distributorship Expo” is just around the corner. Scheduled to take place on 11-13 November 2024 in Istanbul, this year’s event is going to be a wonderful occasion for business people across various industries. As it was showcased in last year’s event, AFEX will foster networks, collaborations and lucrative partnerships driving the future of business in and with Africa.

For over a decade, TABA has been a pioneering actor in facilitating business with Africa, utilizing its deep ties to the region and a vast network of prestigious companies. AFEX is the culmination of TABA’s corporate excellence, an event that provides premium networking opportunities with reliable and prequalified partners. That is why our organization is far above and beyond other events, which never come remotely close to what AFEX offers despite making similar claims.

Last year, AFEX 2023 was an immensely successful occasion in terms of reflecting the dynamic business environment of Africa. The number of attendees reached to 1270, 342 of them from Africa representing 27 different African countries, making AFEX an unrivaled occasion with diverse participant profile. Rest of the attendees were from 22 different countries from all over the world, which contributed in achieving a truly international atmosphere.

One of the most common questions people ask me about AFEX is this: “Why is AFEX a non-sectoral event? Why don’t you organize an event that is specifically related to my field of business?” Well, of course every company must recognize the market it wishes to operate. This is true in Africa’s case too, where majority of business people do not confine themselves in strict sectoral boundaries. Their versatile approach in doing business is what essentially inspired AFEX, it is the reason why AFEX was designed this way in the first place. 

There are many significant business people in all around Africa, who are more than eager, or even ambitious sometimes, to do business in several different sectors. Their capability of identifying easily penetrable markets and lucrative businesses –if correct collaborations are established– make them exceptionally great partners. In some cases, prevailing circumstances force them to look for expansion opportunities in other industries, because their businesses operate in saturated markets with limited scopes. Hence, they are willing to open up to various sectors, which is why organizing a non-sectoral international business event about Africa is our priority.

In this regard, AFEX provides invaluable opportunities for all international exporting companies. The event is held in Istanbul, a logistic hub that connects African cities to the world with 67 direct flight destinations. This year’s theme, “Thrive in Africa: Connect, Invest & Succeed” highlights the exceptional opportunities to sign distributorship agreements, explore franchising possibilities and establish sustainable partnerships. At AFEX, there will be hundreds of African business people in attendance, who are deeply interested in investment opportunities in Africa. Therefore, if you are affiliated with an international manufacturing company wishing to expand into Africa through distributorship models, partnership methods or master franchise systems, you should participate in AFEX to explore this unique potential.

AFEX will feature a diverse array of activities including B2B sessions, panels and workshops, offering insights relating to business in Africa. The expo area will be a busy space of interaction, showcasing the best products, services, and technologies from leading companies. Our networking sessions are designed to foster long-lasting connections, whether you are looking to forge new partnerships, collaborate in specific formats, or simply exchange ideas with like-minded business people. AFEX will offer an unmatched level of potential for collaboration in doing business with Africa, thanks to its diverse community of attendees from various countries, industries and backgrounds.

Don’t forget to save the date and reserve your place.

Fatih Akbulut

Chairman of the Executive Board

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