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Exploring Opportunities in the African Market at AFEX

Welcome to our blog, your gateway to the latest updates and insights about AFEX, the premier international event focusing on business in Africa. Join us as we explore key developments, industry trends, and exciting opportunities that AFEX brings to Istanbul and beyond.

Istanbul: A Strategic Hub for AFEX

Istanbul, an ancient city linking two continents, is uniquely positioned at the heart of international business. Serving as a manufacturing capital, a transcontinental logistic hub and a commercial center, Istanbul currently hosts more that 40,0000 international companies. There are 67 direct flights between Istanbul and African cities, highest number in the world. This makes Istanbul an especially pivotal location for Africa, considering it is connecting the continent to the rest of the globe. In spite of all these numbers, the most staggering statistic could be this: Istanbul has access to a market of $30 trillion comprised of 2 billion people, within 4 hours of flight range. Pretty remarkable, right?

Given all that, it is easy to understand why Istanbul is the ideal place for hosting an international business event focusing on Africa. Thanks to its geographical proximity, strategic location, and the strong presence of international companies, Istanbul provides the perfect setting for conventions aiming to facilitate new networks and collaborations.

AFEX 2024: Save the Date!

Mark your calendars for AFEX 2024, happening from November 11th to 13th in Istanbul. This year’s event promises to connect industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and investors from around the world, focusing on export opportunities to Africa. Explore franchising, distributorship, and partnership possibilities amidst a dynamic atmosphere designed to foster international collaboration. Watch highlights from AFEX 2023.

Celebrating TRT Afrika’s Milestone

TRT Afrika, celebrating its first anniversary on March 31, 2024, plays a crucial role in portraying "Africa as it is" through digital platforms, with plans for expansion. With 4.5 million followers, 232.5 million views, and 939 million impressions across 93 countries in its first year, TRT Afrika exemplifies the importance of media in bridging cultural gaps between Türkiye and Africa. AFEX commends TRT Afrika’s achievements and looks forward to continued collaboration.

Needless to say, the media platforms play crucial roles in shaping international perceptions and fostering mutual understanding. Initiatives like TRT Afrika make enormous contributions in building stronger ties between Türkiye and Africa. With matching aspirations for a better and more connected world, AFEX celebrates TRT Afrika’s anniversary, sending good wishes and congratulations to everyone partaking in this awesome endeavor.

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